Mirror Acrylic Small 170x240mm - Wild Ones Play

Mirror Acrylic Small 170x240mm

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This acrylic mirror is great for learning centres without fear of shattering. Comes with two adhesive strips on the back for ease of installation.

A mirror is a staple in a Montessori baby environment. From birth, a low mirror can be used to help your baby explore and develop concentration. This mirror helps a baby get a new perspective on his or her surroundings. It helps babies to track their own movements and eventually to coordinate them.


  • Promotes visual tracking
  • Promotes concentration
  • Promotes independent play
  • Allows your baby to look at their own reflection and promote self discovery
  • Promotes free movement
  • Promotes coordination
  • Allows them to see and discover the room around them

For older children it can be used to learn about symmetry and reflection.