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How Are You Feeling? - Wild Ones Play
How Are You Feeling? - Wild Ones Play

How Are You Feeling?

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"Did you know that naming and encouraging children to recognize human emotions, enables them to better manage their own emotions productively, build resilience and confidence as well as experience feelings of satisfaction and happiness."

This high-quality colourful wooden set includes 15 wooden people. Each piece is printed with a photo of a child displaying a range of emotions including crying, frustration, sadness to excitement, happiness and everything in-between. This set gives children the opportunity to express and manage their own feelings, important in developing self-reliance and resilience. A fun way to introduce and recognize emotions while encouraging children to feel positive and confident while they learn through play.
The images are printed using non-toxic heat transfer technology and sealed with a clear matte varnish to ensure they last for years to come!

  • 15 pieces in each set.
  • Varying in height from 7cm to 13cm with a thickness of 2cm.
  • Made with FSC natural wood.
  • Suitable for children ages 1 year and over.