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Explore and Store Play Cube
Explore and Store Play Cube
Explore and Store Play Cube

Explore and Store Play Cube

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The My Happy Helpers classic Crawl boxes or Pikler Cubes as they are sometimes called, are a huge hit with little and big kids alike. These cubes are designed to promote an open ended play environment and are the perfect addition to your playroom, with or with out our Pikler Climbing Frames. 

They can be stacked up high or used side by side to create a tunnel, or can be used as a crawl space, a multi purpose stool, a table or simply used as a fun storage spaces. 

These Play Cubes come varnished with a clear non toxic, child friendly lacquer and ready for play! 

These cubes are compatible with any My Happy Helpers Pikler slides, rock walls, or mesh climbers.

We make it easy to design your perfect play space.



Made from Premium European Birch Wood

Please note, the colour may vary between our ranges.  Being a natural resource, there is no way to control the colour and it is our belief the unique colours add to the interest of the individual pieces.

Satin Varnished Finish or Natural Timber Finish. 

Compatible with most brands of Pikler Climbing Frames and Ramps.



Size: 60cm x 60cm x 60cm

Recommended Age: 18+ Months

Sent Separately from Melbourne Warehouse