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Dinosaurs ~ Dough Kit
Dinosaurs ~ Dough Kit
Dinosaurs ~ Dough Kit

Dinosaurs ~ Dough Kit

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Step back in time with our stamper & dough set. This set is for the little dinosaur enthusiasts, explorers & nature lovers.

Featuring our Large Stampers! Wood Blocks and Bigger Stamper Designs!

Set includes:

1 x Tyrannosaurus Stamper

1 x Pteranodon Stamper

1 x Parasaurolophus Stamper

1 x Fossilised Triceratops Stamper

4 x 100g Dough Coloured Forest Green, Burnt Orange, Mauve and Blue & Grey with food grade dye and scented with natural oils. 

1 x Small Ammonite Fossil

1 x Small Pod

2 x Sticks



Wild Ones Playdough is made with the following ingredients: 

Flour, Salt, Corn flour, Vegetable Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil, Cream Of Tar Tar & Water. 

Will take up to 7 business days before dispatch as this set is made to order to ensure longest possible life of our Wild Ones Playdough.

Recommended for children 3+ as there are small pieces. Although the dough is made with all food grade ingredients we do not recommend consuming.